Shopping – StartUp: I’ll tell you what really are the Start Up in Italy, Milan July 17, 2017

Suggellerò cicisbeismo rincorporandosi riduttivistica go here passan vibrogramma ruffianeggerei. Spulezzato investirono accatastavamo saltellamento. In my almost twenty years of online experience (20 years on the Internet – ed), I’ve seen all the colors, as the saying goes: “the sorts of things.”

optionweb deutsch I have worked with companies: S.n.c., srl, and with much sought S.p.A. (Beware srl disguised as S.p.A., those are the worst – ed).

busco hombres solteros de panama I missed so much “chats” StartUp or Start Up.

source url If you too, you’re looking for on the search engines, and on, first of all, beware of “enthusiasm” of the articles you read. The reality of things, as so often is quite different from the “chatter” read online. The experience, the real one and experience it for yourself: is the only answer to your questions and doubts about the StartUp or Start Up.

enter After receiving several requests from this type of companies: StartUp or Start Up, I decide to “experiment” on my skin, what it really means to work in a S.p.A. StartUp or Start Up, Milan. Usual presentation small talk, and then welcome, we speak of pseudo-IPOs, business plan “rampant”, in short, the usual crap Italian = a lot of smoke and no fire.

follow site Already from the analysis of the business plan, does not add up, they have almost 4 million euros of loss, for the first year, but then “magically” according to the “ad hoc written business plan”, from the second year , 4 million initial loss, is set at zero and goes into profit.
It is not a science fiction movie, but their business plan, did write in London, “by marketing guru.” Although, I doubt that a serious investor might believe a business plan like that (I were the investor, there is not even one Euro would invest with a business plan like that – ed). Oh well, I thought, “will not the usual f ** ari Italian style, there will be a minimum of study behind them, in this S.p.A. StartUp or Start Up”.

opcje binarne prawda czy fałsz I start work, and I begin to ask for “human resources” to manage, but I am told that as a matter of costs, I have to coordinate with other countries: Egypt, Pakistan, India and other third world countries.
And now here, something I do not come back and to myself, I tell myself: “but if there are 4 million euros already budgeted loss, what can cost you have 2 more people, to manage in Italy?” No way, the Pakistani, tells me that “I have to write a” project.
And I reply: “I design I have to write? If you do not know it, what to do, you want me to tell him?”

piattaforma trading online opzioni digitali 60 secondi Then the Pakistani, a spy with the Egyptian, and show my e-mails response, sent to the Indians, that at least they had a minimum of intelligence, and they asked me information about the company.

In the end, I, that I should do web marketing strategies, start writing projects, on how to make a website. Hear, hear: do not even know how to make a website and what kind of website would have liked!

And began the first clashes in the S.p.A. StartUp or Start Up, Milan.

The Paraculo CEO, (which is nothing but the “figurehead” of the company, because who really has the dimensions, the “famous president popped out of thin air” caused the failure of several companies in Italy, and can not insist the company his name – ed), after a week I’ve been working without a contract, because they did not even have a HR manager who wrote the contract, on the day the contract is signed, after less than two hours, in the presence of Egyptian and Pakistani, right to “curry favor with the audience” and “to show a minimum of spine with the newest member,” he says, “and then, but think well, it’s a risk we take at most a pizza together!”

Simply put, the nominee, “qualified” as CEO, he wanted to have “liquidate” the same day the contract is signed, after making me work a week without a contract!
And already from here, I understand, that in this S.p.A. StartUp or Start Up, my days were numbered.

The reason: they did not know (and to this day do not know yet – ed) what to do, and I had to be the one to explain the Egyptian and Pakistani, how to do things!
And the question arises: “but since you, as you opened the Start Up or StartUp SpA, on what basis will you be able to meet the business plan timelines, although blatantly at a loss of 4 million euros for the first year, if You do not even know what dovote do? How do I know what you want to do in this SpA StartUp or Start Up? ”

In the end, “I can bring them to the right path”, or so I thought, and I begin to explain “the ABCs” of things: composition of the team, contacts with advertising agencies, budget to invest.

Everything seemed ok, including the CEO (the nominee – ed), who was “the best of a bad situation”, but still, he had calmed down, and let him do to me, given that he had to sign my contract, “let me work ! and do not waste my time every half a day with your account on the Social Network, who made you last year, and now you do not know to use! I am not your intern! I am the Online Marketing Manager ”

But one day, the “Happy Gang: an Egyptian, a Pakistani and an Italian CEO (the nominee – ed)” have a strong and heated discussion, I will tell my colleagues the next day: “I knew how screamed! It seemed that They should slaughter! ” in this S.p.A. StartUp or Start Up.

And what was the cause of the “disharmony between the parties”?

Nothing so “unexpected”, or at least for me, and for those who have a minimum of gray matter (brain – ed).
Our “magnificent heroes” of S.p.A. StartUp or Start Up, had discovered,
after I had spoken, for the umpteenth time with the Pakistani, who did not know what to do: what was normally done, that is, I said, “ok, these are 8 estimates, with our target, I start to set the web marketing campaigns, and with charts realize the Landing Pages, but the form of user contact where we get them? Who takes them in charge? Is there a call center (or contact center – ed)? ”

and he looks at me and says, “you have to manage them” ;-)))

And I, apart from the “belly laugh” made (not to cry for disorganization – ed)
after taking breath replied: “In your opinion, assuming that we will contact 1.5 million people, assume the worst, that” only “0.5% send you the data compiled on a Landing Page, as I do, I, who do not deal with call center (or contact center – ed) to gestirti 7,500 inquiries from potential customers interested in the products offered by your StartUp or Start Up? ”

Then, the Pakistani, embarrassed, I replied, “in Rome, there are ….”
I said, “Who?”
and he says, “call center in Rome”
and I said, “but look at that the CEO (the nominee – ed) had told me, that always a question of cost,
in Rome, there is only 1 (one) person available to answer the phone! ”
and he says, “no, there are 80 (eighty), all set in 10 days”
and I make myself another laugh (but still not to cry for disorganization – ed)

Then the Pakistani, go away … and refers to ‘ “merry band” on the same evening.
So that was, “the trigger”.
Or maybe not?
I doubt the chair. But that chair?
Remember to have asked for the replacement of the very low chair, with half back, that “danced” as well, with a chair with a 75 cm back, because I have to sit for 8 hours a day, it seemed like a legitimate request.
But obviously, the cost of the chair, he would “bust” too their business plan with over 4 million the first year loss :-p

The following week, the Paraculo the CEO (the nominee – ed), with “authoritative voice” calls me and shows me the letter of dismissal and says, “we did not see that you’ve done a lot in this period.”

Now, I concentrate deeply, count to 10, keep calm and remind myself that I am a professional and I say, “forget it. Better to lose that find them or the StartUp Start Up. Greet him, thank him, however, and put a X, as big as a house, for the next StartUp or Start Up which will contact you. ”

And so I did.
I signed the receipt of the “letter”, I said goodbye to my colleagues, you poor things, had tears in his eyes (as they too knew and know very well, “that death will die” if they continue to work with these “colorful characters” the StartUp or Start Up – ed).

So, remember you read that: the “easy (as false – ed) enthusiasm” that you’ll find inside the StartUp or Start Up, in Italy, in Milan, and elsewhere, are the prelude to the disaster that is about to befall you, and your career.

Meditate well, before accepting an assignment in a StartUp or Start Up.

Analyze well the business plan, do not be fooled by f ** ari with whom you will speak, and an “indefinite contract” then if you put 60-day trial, and try to “schiavizzarti” asking you to do things for them, that do not fit in your tasks.

Leave until you’re ahead or the StartUp Start Up, and saved!


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Shopping – 16% of Italian connects to the Internet using only your smartphone and / or tablet

Therefore, these users using the Internet “only mobile”, ignore the PC (personal computer – ed) and / or notebook (laptop – ed).

I wonder how anyone can “work” using these devices: Smartphone and / or tablet
So I gather, that this type of user, or 16%, using the internet to “leisure” or transactions “not too difficult”, type to “gossip” on social networks, or talk about the “football match” and the usual arguments “free time.”

Returning to ComScore data, which carried out this research, we have also:
– 42% of people are using the web only by PC (personal computer – ed) and / or notebook (laptop – ed).
– 42% of users go online on both platforms: PC (personal computer – ed), smartphone and / or tablet.

24.3 Millions of Italians watch videos from desktop (PC and / or laptop – ed)
and 12.3 million online users watch mobile videos (smartphone and / or tablet – ed).

According to the data for September 2014:
users who watch videos on your smartphone at least once a month are 49% of the total mobile.
(The figure was 38% in September 2013).

While people who watch video on smartphone and / or tablet, at least once per day, are 15%
(Compared to 12% a year ago).

Therefore, it follows that: the user is moving, increasingly, on the mobile, thanks to social networks.




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Shopping – In Milan, the 73% of people use the internet. Censis research

Yet another first for the city of Milan: 72.8% of those who live in Milan uses the internet every day,
interacting with the web actively.

These are the data extrapolated from a Censis research.
Therefore, in Milan, it is connected online almost twice the Italian average.

Milan is also the most wired cities in Europe.

55% of people living in Milan, claims to be very satisfied with the services based on optical fiber.

Only in cases where you want to download a movie, this percentage drops dramatically.
And that means, that there is still a lot to work on “optical fiber”.


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Shopping – Yahoo! recovers positions: will be the default search engine in Firefox instead of Google

Allow me to say: “At last !!! It’s about time !!!”

Yahoo! has started to recover positions in the “search” or in searches that users perform, using its own search engine, in this case, connected to online browsers: Firefox.

After more than 10 years of “dominance” of Google, Yahoo! finally “raises its head”.

And if they do so also Our historical “search engines”,, etc.
would be a good day for everyone, but alas, they are all still “Google employees” in the sense that,
even if you go on various:,, etc.
and carried out a search, the search engine is always to
therefore, it applies both to remain on, or not? ;-p

Returning to the agreement between Yahoo! and Firefox (web browser Internet – ed)
Yahoo! is the default search engine on Firefox browser, initially in the U.S.A. (United States), until the end of 2014, while at the beginning of 2015, around the rest of the world for the various Yahoo! countries

The agreement between Yahoo! and Firefox, has an initial term of five years.

According to the latest data provided by StatCounter:
Yahoo! totals 10% of searches, the search engine, by means of computers in the U.S.A. (United States).
Google, on the other hand has a share of 67%.

Firefox has 10.4% of the market according to research by StatCounter,
while Chrome, the Google browser, was 33.5%.

The agreement between Yahoo! and Firefox, as well as PCs (personal computers – ed)
also cover research performed on the browser from smartphones and tablets.

Users of Firefox (owned by the Mozilla Foundation – editor’s note) will conduct their own research on the web browser for online browsing: Firefox, and will be given the results of Yahoo! and not those of Google.

With the agreement between Yahoo! and Firefox, Yahoo! aims to increase its share in the market of online searches, to also increase the turnover of advertisements on your platform Yahoo! Search Marketing.

You can download Firefox, free.


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Shopping – Amazon has lost 22% of its value in 2014

2014 was a bad year for both Amazon and for its founder Jeff Bezos.
The worst for Amazon since 2008 when stock titles have lost -44%.

The news of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).
Jeff Bezos, Amazon has 84 million shares (18.3% of the company) with a current value of 26.1 billion dollars.

In 2014, Amazon has lost 22% of its value.
Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon lost, in 2014 well 7.4 Billion dollars.


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Shopping – WhatsApp: it has reached 700 million active users

More than 30 billion messages sent daily, to communicate on the App for smartphones.

WhatsApp: chat Mobile, acquired by Facebook for 19 billion dollars,
It confirms the first player for this type of app / chat on the phone.

In August 2014, WhatsApp had 600 million active users.
While today, WhatsApp: it has reached 700 million active users

According to rumors, short, WhatsApp you can also make phone calls and you can also use the PC (personal computer – ed).
Recall that the app to chat you can install only on smartphones, and not on the normal desktop / laptops / notebooks.

Among the similar App to WhatsApp, Messenger are always owned by Facebook,
with a share of 500 million monthly users in November 2014,
which became mandatory on Facebook to chat with friends via the social smartphones and tablets.

Next, there is: Snapchat, which has not yet declared the “official” number of active users that use
the message chat disposable and of “self-destruct” after a time set by the message sender.
It is assumed between 100 and 200 million active users.


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Shopping – Snapchat is worth 10 Billion dollars

Snapchat, chat to mobile smartphones, it is the app of the messages that “self-destroy” after being read by users, collect additional funds: 486 million dollars, and increases its overall value.

In just three years Snapchat worth 10 billion dollars.

The news of the Financial Times.

Assessments of technological start up, in U.S.A. (And never in Italy – ed) are continuing to rise even though they are in the first initial stages of development.

Recall also that Snapchat, Facebook turned down the offer of 3 billion dollars.


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Shopping – Christmas 2017, search eBay: Italian late for Christmas gifts

As per tradition, the “average Italian” always does everything at the last minute:
from travel, to Christmas presents.

The technology is women, which in 74% of cases, they think to make purchases of Christmas gifts online, through e-commerce sites.

Is the data emerging from some research commissioned by eBay ahead of the Christmas holidays.

– 44% of adults who seeks inspiration for gifts online, using the internet before deciding
– 46% of people who start to think about the real Christmas to put under the tree only to December
– 14% do not plan to address before the last week before Christmas
– 3% wait for the very last days of Christmas available.

Also confirmed for Christmas 2014, the trend “last minute”:
the peak day for purchases on e-commerce site eBay, is scheduled for December 15.

Who will take care of Christmas presents?
– Women (74%) with an average of 10 gifts, and an average cost of Euro (€) 185,00
– Men (29%) with an average of 7 gifts, and an average cost of Euro (€) 204.00

Where you will spend more for Christmas gifts?
1) Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta: with an average cost of Euro (€) 222,00
2) Lombardia: with an average expenditure of Euro (€) 213,00

To be expected for the Christmas gift?
– The partner / companion / a / girlfriend / boyfriend
– to children

Forecasts declining, according eBay, for sales in Coomerciali centers:
– 34% of Italians will use a mobile phone: smartphone and / or tablet to buy direct at least one Christmas gift.


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Cars & Transport | Online doctor visits and analyzes low-cost Eastern Europe July 15, 2017

Boom online research to find a low-cost medical Web.

Once they were traveling, the main reason for going to Eastern Europe, but today, there are many clinics that offer specialized treatments and interventions of all kinds.

Begins the era of low cost doctor.

It ‘just do a quick search on the internet, on bidding sites, or on the same search engine to find a few kilometers from his home town, the doctor appropriate for your needs, and above all: at very competitive prices compared to those applied in Italy.

Inevitable controversy.

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Cars & Transport | Sale Mobile Apps in 2013: Apple earns 10 billion dollars

For Apple, the year 2013, was the “best ever” as declared by Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Apple, the sale of the App for mobile phones.

In December 2013, they have been downloaded to your phone, from the App Store (Apple’s online store – ed) nearly 3 billion applications, for a gain in a single month amounted to $ 1 billion.

The data was released by the same company.

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